AstonMartin DB9 Modified To Mansory Body Kit Front And Rear Bumper Side Skirt

AstonMartin Body kit. Factroy own mould. can be done in carbon fiber and glass fiber. we are manufacture over 10 years. we specialized in manufacture carbon fiber and glass fiber part. with mould departent. working with many racing team for car modification

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Aston Martin released DB9 instead of DB7 in 2003, marking the revival of this legendary British supercar brand. This luxury GT sports car, which is produced in gayden, UK, is made of high rigid light aluminum alloy. DB9 has achieved unprecedented success immediately after its launch, laying a solid foundation for the development of Aston Martin.

007 was once the ultimate dream of men, and bond's choice would become the desire of men all over the world at that time. With 007 such a big star favorite, from the famous family of Esther Martin DB9 from the first day of the factory, has been full of legend. The body of DB9 has done its best to use luxury materials, and the powerful exhaust noise of the engine is a clever combination of elegance and barbarism.

As James Bond's Royal car, DB9 won the favor of the upper class without any doubt.

Aston Martin DB9, a handmade car from England, is a GT sports car whose price and maximum speed reach the 300 mark.

Fierce sports car created by classic design elements

The first impression of Aston Martin DB9 must be profound. Although it looks a little similar to some models of Jaguar, it does not prevent DB9 from becoming a classic, because it is the object to be emulated. In terms of body size, DB9 can be regarded as a large GT sports car. The wheelbase of 2745mm has reached the level of ordinary medium-sized cars. However, we don't have too much hope for the rear space. That's not something that should be paid special attention to.

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9's frightening power is mainly from the fierce front face design. However, for those who are familiar with Aston Martin, it is more meaningful to taste the classic elements of the front face design than to talk about whether the lines have a sense of power. These classic elements include the trapezoidal middle net and the oval headlight, which are the obvious family characteristics of Aston Martin, especially the former, which has been used on DB2 since 1950.

Short front suspension and rear suspension can improve the off-road ability of the vehicle if they are used in the off-road vehicle. The advantage of this design on DB9 is that it can get a better weight ratio. The V12 engine is certainly heavy, but it is placed at the rear of the front axle. At the same time, the gearbox is placed at the rear. As a result, 85% of the vehicle weight is concentrated between the front and rear axles.

After opening the hood, the V12 engine sitting in it obviously attracts people's attention most. The ID of this DB9 is also hidden under the hood. It can be seen from the nameplate that the final tester of this car is Mick Freeman, maybe a fat uncle from England.

This is the look before modification

This is the look after modification

We modificated the car and make the parts

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