B Pillar Cover (Pair) Carbon Fiber For Nissan S13

Product Name:For Nissan Silvia S13 B Pillar Cover (Pair) Carbon Fiber Material: 3K twill rear Carbon Fiber, Black Twill, Glossy finish by default. Hand lay, Vaccum infused Light weighted & UV protected ​100% Brand New.

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Product Name: High Quality Auto parts for Silvia S13 B Pillar Cover (Pair) Carbon Fiber 


3K twill rear Carbon Fiber, Black Twill, Glossy finish by default.

Hand lay, Vaccum infused

Light weighted & UV protected

100% Brand New.

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Nissan Silvia series was born in 1964. It is a model based on the sports of Nissan Datsun platform. Nissan Silvia S13 in the head D cartoon was sold from the end of 88 to the end of 93. It can be subdivided into prophase type, metaphase type and anaphase type. Some of the minor changes are slightly different according to the different sales areas, so we won't mention them. Generally speaking, S13 can be divided into two major versions: early version and late version. 88-90 years ago, using ca18 engine. 90-93 is the later stage, using sr20 engine. Both of the two engines belonged to Nissan's high-performance engine at that time, and the turbo 0-400M was 15 seconds and 14.5 seconds. The sr20 has more torque in the middle, but the two engines are not very different.

S13 is divided into Q's, J's, K's and so on from the body model... Here we only talk about the common Q's and K's. The biggest difference between Q's and K's is naturally engine supercharging, that is, Q's is naturally aspirated while K's is turbocharged. K's uses bigger brake discs, harder shock absorbers and some luxury gear.

Silvia's body weight advantage is very obvious in other rear drives. The K's S13 of full option is only 1230kg, which makes Silvia very sensitive to drive. The optional equipment of S13 includes hicas 4-Wheel Steering system, ABS brake and viscous LSD.

In some S13 overseas versions, you can see the reflection dial used at night, which will display the speed of the car to a corner of the windshield. But because of the S13 I saw, there is no such device of a car that can work, so there is no corresponding photo provided. Nissan sivlia S13 was once thought to be a car that can't afford S14 and S15. With the popularity of D1, owners have found their unique advantages. Compared with the previous version of S14, I personally think S13 has more ferocious lines.

Cheap! Cost effective! Lots of accessories and modifications! Front engine rear wheel drive! Engine up! Turbo! LSD! ... it's really hard to find another car that is more suitable to practice drifting than S13. In terms of body balance weight, S13 is slightly inferior to 180sx, but under the same shock absorption system and horsepower, the driving feeling of the two vehicles will be very similar. The front and rear strut suspension will feel a little understeer when driving. Although it can better train the junior drivers, the car will become too agile and have a certain impact on the driving after the shock absorption is refitted. But when it's in an oversteer situation, the whole car is well controlled, especially the S13 with the version of viscous LSD.

Koichiro ikegu's S13 in "tautology D" is 205 horsepower.

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