Gurney Flap New Design For Nissan GT-R R35 OEM Spoiler

New design gurney flap for nissan GT-R R35

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R: racing sport



GT-R is a combination of these elements, strive to become a comprehensive and powerful sports car.

The new generation of GT-R is separated from the skyline car series and becomes an independent car series of Nissan, which will carry forward the spirit of GT-R in the future. So far, GT-R has become the most cost-effective super sports car in the world. The fastest lap speed in North Nurburgring is two seconds faster than the Porsche 911turbo, which costs twice as much. Moreover, the 911turbo is more than 100 kg lighter than the gt-r.

Since the introduction of C10 GT-R in 1969, it has evolved to the sixth generation.

R35 GT-R has gone through two generations of concept cars: 2001 GT-R concept and 2005 GT-R protoconcept. With reference to the essence of GT-R modeling of previous generations, R35 GT-R integrates the new elements of science fiction like avant-garde, creating a new image of its own school. It has also become a classic in aesthetics, breaking away from the previous image of RV. The name of the skyline car series is very popular for the players who love performance cars, and the performance version GT-R in the car series is a "miracle" that any personality can dream of! Not to mention the commander-in-chief of all Japanese performance vehicles bnr34, even BNR32, which has a history of more than 10 years, is still the target of car fans from all over the world. I believe that there are not a few domestic friends who like GT-R car series. GT-R series has always been based on Skyline's high-performance version, so understanding GT-R will start from the birth of skyline car series.

Product Name:New design For GTR R35 GT-R OEM Spoiler carbon fiber Gurney flap

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