For Ford Mustang 2013 GT500 Shelby OEM Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Wing

Material: 3K twill weaven real carbon fiber, Glossy finished by default Hand lay, Vaccum infused. Light weighted & UV protected 100% New

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Product Name: For Ford Mustang 2013 GT500 Shelby OEM style carbon fiber rear spoiler wing 


3K twill weaven real carbon fiber, Glossy finished by default

Hand lay, Vaccum infused.

Light weighted & UV protected

100% New


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About Mustang

Appearance design

There is no doubt that the 2005 Ford Mustang is the unique product of the long-term evolution of the American powercar. Its iconic long bonnet and short tailstock design have been consistent for 40 years. Since the 1960s, some of its classic design details have outlined the typical features of Mustang: C-shaped side air inlet slot, triple tail lights and galloping horse emblem in the middle of the grille.

The shark shaped front of Mustang with forward leaning grille has the reminiscence of 1967 model. The jewel shaped circular headlamp embedded in the trapezoid cover is eye-catching.

1967 Shelby GT500

The appearance design of the wild carriage is very simple and lovely, without redundant decoration. The distinctive characteristic line runs through the whole length of the vehicle body and is collected in a C-shaped air inlet slot after the door split line. This design intentionally creates a visual connection with the C-pillar design. The small window on the C-pillar is a change of modern design. The previous Mustang was equipped with a skylight or air intake guide slot. The shape of the C-shaped air inlet slot and its relationship with the door cut-out give an accurate professional integrated image. And this theme is further reflected by the fine line through the fuel filler.

The powerful engine and rear wheel drive system are refreshing. In short, Ford Mustang is innovating every step of the way. It deserves the title of "American muscle" for 40 years.

Based on a set of brand-new, full of modern body structure and chassis system, with advanced McPherson independent suspension and a three-bar transmission shaft with lateral positioning bar, Mustang's driving function is outstanding and extraordinary, which is beyond the reach of previous generations of cars. Its braking and control system is also world-class.

By assembling a 224 kW 24 valve mod V-8 engine with a more advanced intake system, or a 149 kW SOHC V-6 engine, Mustang can generate powerful power to drive the rear wheels. The power comes from responsibility. The new Mustang has raised the protection of users to a new level. A strong safety cage, Ford's "personal safety system" with passenger's weight sensing capability, optional side airbags and a front component designed for deflection impact protection make the new Mustang provide the most comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers.

Mustang GT Thunderbirds Edition

All of these characteristics will make you full of passion in driving, and make you feel more valuable and accessible. Mustang will maintain the best performance, the price is less than 20000 US dollars, is the most affordable 224 kilowatt car of its kind.

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