Carbon Fiber Sporting Goods

- Sep 15, 2019-

Carbon fiber is used in sports and leisure fields, such as clubs, fishing rods, tennis racket badminton rackets, bicycles, ski poles, snowboards, windsurfing masts, marine hulls and other sporting goods are among the main users of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used in everyday products, such as audio, bathroom heaters, heaters, and other electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers.

Three important applications in sports applications are bat and racket frames. It is estimated that the annual production of bats is 34 million pairs. 40% of the world's carbon fiber bats are made of carbon fiber. The production of carbon fiber fishing rods worldwide is about 20 million pairs per year. The market capacity of the tennis racket frame is about 6 million per year. Other sports applications include ice hockey sticks and ski poles. Carbon fiber is also used in other marine sports such as boating and rowing.