Carbon Fiber Automotive Materials

- Aug 15, 2019-

Carbon fiber materials have also become a favorite material for automobile manufacturers, and they have been widely used in interior and exterior decoration of automobiles. Carbon fiber as an automotive material, the biggest advantage is light weight, high strength, weight is only 20% to 30% of steel, hardness is more than 10 times that of steel. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials in automobile manufacturing can make the car lightweight, make breakthrough progress, and bring social benefits of energy conservation. The industry believes that the use of carbon fiber in the automotive industry will become larger.

A carbon fiber car developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is mainly on the outer casing: on the hood of a common material, the hammer is striking hard, and the paint cover is likely to have a depression, and the car's casing is very strong, and it is hard to knock. After hitting the car cover, it will rebound quickly and the surface will not be damaged. Researchers say that cars made from carbon fiber composites are lighter and faster than cars made from ordinary steel. Carbon fiber cars have abandoned traditional steel structures and are made of carbon fiber materials, which can reduce the weight of cars by 60%. In the same oil situation, the car can open 50 kilometers per hour.

Although carbon fiber is light, it has good safety. Although carbon fiber looks like plastic, it is actually stronger than steel, especially the steering wheel made of carbon fiber. It has higher mechanical strength and impact resistance. . With the cooperation of composite materials, carbon fiber vehicles have become armored vehicles in family cars. This carbon fiber material has been applied to the skirt of high speed trains.