Carbon Fiber Application Field

- Jun 30, 2019-

Carbon fiber is an important strategic material for the development of national defense industry and national economy. It is a key material of technology-intensive. With the academic research from short-fiber carbon fiber to long-fiber carbon fiber, the technology and products using carbon fiber to make heating materials are gradually popularized. In the context of today's high-speed industrialization in the world, the use of carbon fiber is becoming more diversified. China has already used long-fiber as a high-performance fiber. Carbon fiber composites have irreplaceable advantages when high temperature and high physical stability are required. The higher the specific strength of the material, the smaller the self-weight of the component. The higher the specific modulus, the greater the stiffness of the component. It is because of its excellent performance that carbon fiber has broad application prospects in both national defense and civil fields.

Carbon fiber carbon materials have been widely used in various fields of military and civil industries. From aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles and other civilian industries to sports equipment and leisure products. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can be used in military fields such as aircraft manufacturing, industrial fields such as wind power blades, electromagnetic shielding materials, artificial ligaments and other body substitute materials, as well as in the manufacture of rocket casings, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive leaf springs and Drive shaft, etc. Sports clubs such as bats. Carbon fiber is a new type of industrial material in the typical high-tech field.