Carbon Fiber Tailgate For Evo4 5 6

Rear Trunk Lid. Rear tailgate for lancer evolution 6

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Modification idea
Among them, this set of refitting designed by the famous Japanese refitting company, HKS, is the classic work that can best illustrate the problem. When it comes to HKS, of course, no one will forget the silver gray one that set the fastest record in Zhuhai
lancer evolution
Hkslanceveration ⅶ and beat gt-r34 in the famous "build splash superlap", easily breaking the 55 second record of lancereveration Ⅷ trb-02. Such remarkable achievements show that the HKS is authoritative in the modification of lanceresolution.
Of course, to increase the power of a turbocharged engine, replacing a larger turbine can simply achieve amazing horsepower. This is the truth of "thinking with toes can understand". In reality, we know that the working process of turbocharger is: at first, the engine belongs to Na (naturally aspirated) state, when the exhaust emissions accumulate to a certain amount, the turbine starts to rotate. Although the large-scale turbocharger can get stronger compression effect, the weight of the large-scale turbine blade determines its relatively slow start. Therefore, although the large turbocharger has a larger output power, it sacrifices the engine torque in the actual use area. In the racing track, the racing car does not need to consider the low speed area. The bigger the turbocharger is, the better, and the street version of the modified car must take into account the practical problems. Therefore, the refitting idea of this lancerevolution ⅶ is developed around the improvement of practical torque. How
lancer evolution
To improve the torque output of the practical area of the engine, the most basic means is to control the pressure of the turbocharger. The turbine pressure of the original lancerevolrtion ⅶ is already at a high value of 1.15kg/cm. In order to protect the engine, the turbine will appropriately release part of the excess pressure. The function of hksevc is to reasonably use the excess pressure that was released to provide the turbine with lasting and sufficient pressure (boost). The second natural thing about turbine pressure is the replacement of the HKS camshaft kit. This extremely exquisite set of kits can delay the opening time of the intake and exhaust valves to obtain a large number of throughput capacity, especially in the high-speed operation area of the engine, which can ensure that the engine inhales a large number of mixed gases. In order to ensure the smooth gas flow in the engine room, HKS also grinds the whole cylinder and replaces the cylinder liner with a higher compression ratio. This lancerevolution ⅶ doesn't use the legal series exhaust pipe and superflow air filter made by HK, but when you lift the fujitsubolegalis all titanium alloy exhaust pipe which weighs only 5kg by hand, you will realize how much acceleration will be if the burden on the vehicle is reduced by nearly 20 kg at a time

Product Name: For mitsubishi lancer evolution 4-6 evo4 5 6 evo 6 style  carbon fiber tailgate rear trunk


3K twill weaven real carbon fiber, Glossy finished by default

Hand lay, Vaccum infused.

Light weighted & UV protected

100% New

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