EVO 1-3 OEM Style Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip

Material: 3K twill rear carbon fiber Glossy finishd by default Light weight & UV protected 100% Brand New

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evo 3Evo I focuses on performance and Evo II pursues maturity, which is generally considered to be perfect. But don't forget that Evo is a road version designed to challenge WRC. In order to win, evolution can't be stopped at all. Therefore, on February 10, 1995, Mitsubishi launched Evo III again. As a challenge to WRC, its performance should be better than that of the previous model, otherwise, it would be meaningless. Therefore, the requirements of this Evo Ⅲ in air force performance and engine performance are far higher than those of Evo Ⅱ.

The biggest change of Evo Ⅲ is its appearance. Whether it is the front bumper, front chin, skirt, rear surround and rear tail, all the air force kits are completely renewed. In other words, with the goal of increasing downforce and greatly improving aerodynamics, it can meet the challenge of higher speed. The left and right sides of the front chin are provided with air intake holes to improve the cooling performance of the brake system. The rear wing is increased to the same width as the vehicle body to ensure better downforce. Although the previous generation has played an excellent role in driving 260 horses, it is necessary to have more power based on WRC challenges. Therefore, the first step is to improve the piston to increase the compression ratio from 8.5 to 9.0, and redesign the turbine shape to improve the dynamic performance in the high speed range. Moreover, the diameter of the exhaust system is increased to reduce the back pressure, and the horsepower is increased by 10 to 270. With a 2.0L exhaust capacity, the 270 horsepower engine is not only amazing, but also shocking in the industry. Evo Ⅲ is a kind of "leap" vehicle which combines the great achievements of Evo Ⅰ and Evo Ⅱ to enter a higher level. Evo Ⅲ has two types of light-weight RS and luxury GSR, with a limited market of 5000.

Evo Ⅲ is a new air force kit such as front bumper, chin and side skirt. Significantly increased downforce on the rear wing, third brake lamp position changed to below. The newly designed Momo three frame steering wheel. Seat material improvement appliance fire protection function \ sports fiber Recaro racing chair. The pure race RS achieves a terrifying 4.4kg/ps horsepower to weight ratio.

"Thunderbolt" in Evo Ⅲ over the "governor" of the team.

Sudou kyouichi in "d" is driving: Lancer Evolution Ⅲ

Below is the front bumper lip photo from rear product

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