RHD Inner door panel for Mazda RX7 FD

Product Name: 1992-1997 RX7 FD3S RHD style carbon fiber Inner Door Panel Replacement Door Card Cover Trim Material: 3K twill weaven real carbon fiber, Glossy finished by default Hand lay, Vaccum infused. Light weighted & UV protected

Product Details

Product Name: 1992-1997 RX7 FD3S RHD style carbon fiber Inner Door  Panel Replacement Door Card Cover Trim

Product Material finish  Model 
Door panel carbon fiber Glossy RX7


3K twill weaven real carbon fiber, Glossy finished by default

Hand lay, Vaccum infused.

Light weighted & UV protected

100% New made.


Since we are manufacture. we produce based on customer order. the process for carbon fiber is complecated. it take about 7-10 days for a carbon fiber product. and for FRP product. it is around 7 days. it is unpaited, gel coated. after you bought the FRP product. you will have to add painting yourself.

7-10 days. (During Holidays. deliver time will need to be extended.) for carbon fiber

7 days for glass fiber. unpainted. we don't provide painting service.


Not all our items have stock. Please check with CS if you need it rush! in factory. we produce based on the customer's orders. it is not healthy flow for building stock. where there is order we will promtely produce.

Below are product picture from previous order for your reference. it is taked from my ipone with rear product.

Below are  Product Image:

Historical development

Mazda RX-7
1978.3 Mazda RX-7 sa22c
September 1985, rx7 (fc3s) came out
1991.12: the new rx7 (fd-3s) was announced for sale, with 13b rotary EGI sequential twin turbo with enlarged intercooler,
Because of the shape of the hood, the position of the engine is 50mm lower than that of the old FC,
So that the center of gravity of rx7 can be further reduced
Takahashi brothers in Japanese famous animation header d use FC and FD of rx7

Factory overview

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