RX7 FC3S Sun Roof Panel

Product Name:For RX7 FC 3S carbon fiber sunroof panel Material: 3K twill rear Carbon Fiber, Black Twill, Glossy finish by default. Hand lay, Vaccum infused Light weighted & UV protected

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Full capacity of production for carbon fiber and glass fiber auto parts

For FRP product process

For Carbon fiber process

once customer place an order, we will take the mould from our mould wearhouse. we clean the mould and add trasparent gel coat for carbon fiber, when gelcoat is dry we assign to carbon fiber department to make, people lay the carbon by hand.

different from fiberglass product. it then goes to vacuum bump to take air out and hold the shape.

when it is ready for take out from the mould. it get trimed in the edge and sent to polishing department. this is how the glossy or matt effect are done. and this process takes energy and time.

this is the main process which makes the carbon product longer time for make.

In the head letter D, except for the AE86 of Touhai, the RX-7 of Gaoqiao brothers is the most frequently used. Among them, the driving of Gaoqiao Liangjie is the second generation rx7, the chassis code fc3s, the driving of Gaoqiao Qijie is the third generation rx7, and the chassis code fd3s. I remember that as soon as FC of Takahashi came out, Xiaobian was attracted by the low and concise shape and unique rotor engine, and bought a model of fc3s for this purpose. Next, let Xiaobian briefly introduce the rx7 of Mazda.

Since the appearance of the rotor engine, Mazda has a special interest in it, and has successively launched a number of vehicles equipped with the rotor engine. In 1978, Mazda launched the first generation of rx7 to replace RX3.

The first RX chassis code SA / FB, "R" stands for rotary engine, "X" stands for future symbol, and "7" is the model code of Mazda. Equipped with 12a double rotor self-priming engine. In response to the oil crisis, Mazda equipped the car with an exhaust gas recirculation system, which was shut down a year later and replaced with a lean fuel combustion system. In 1983, Mazda changed the self-priming engine on the rx7 to a turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 165hp

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3K twill rear Carbon Fiber, Black Twill, Glossy finish by default.

Hand lay, Vaccum infused

Light weighted & UV protected


7-10 days. (During Holidays and buy season. deliver time will need to be extended.)


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