Theory of spoiler design theory

- Jan 30, 2019-

Swiss physicist Bernoulli has proved a theory of aerodynamics that the speed of air flow is inversely proportional to pressure. That is to say, the faster the air flow rate, the smaller the pressure; the slower the air flow rate, the greater the pressure. For example, the wing of the aircraft has a positive paraboloid shape, and the airflow is faster; the lower surface is smooth, and the airflow is slower, forming a downward pressure of the wing greater than the upper pressure, resulting in lift. If the shape of the car is similar to the shape of the cross-section of the wing, the air pressure on the upper and lower sides of the car body is different at high speed, and the bottom is large and the top is small. This pressure difference will inevitably produce a rising force. The faster the speed, the greater the pressure difference and the greater the lifting force. This rising force is also a kind of air resistance. The automotive engineering industry calls it induced resistance, which accounts for about 7% of the vehicle's air resistance. Although the ratio is small, it is very harmful. Other air resistance only consumes the power of the car. This resistance not only consumes power, but also generates support to endanger the driving safety of the car. Because when the speed of the car reaches a certain value, the lift will lift the car up against the weight of the car, reducing the adhesion of the wheel to the ground, causing the car to float, resulting in poor running stability.