Spoiler body design

- Feb 10, 2019-

In order to reduce the lift generated by the car at high speed, the car designer not only improved the shape of the car, but also tilted the whole body forward and downward to generate downward pressure on the front wheel, and changed the tail to short. The negative air pressure acting from the roof to the rear is reduced to prevent the rear wheel from floating. A downwardly inclined connecting plate is also installed under the bumper at the front end of the car. The connecting plate is integrated with the front apron of the vehicle body, and a suitable air inlet is opened in the middle to increase the airflow and reduce the air pressure at the bottom of the vehicle. The connecting plate is a deflector. A dovetail-like projection is made on the rear end of the trunk lid of the car, and the airflow flushed from the roof is blocked to form a downward force. This protrusion is a spoiler. The baffles restrict air flow through the lower body (making the turbulence underneath the car at a minimum and reducing the flow resistance of the air), and the front wheels are not lifted. The skirt guides the airflow away from the rear wheels, which reduces airflow disturbances and airflow resistance. The spoiler changes the direction of the airflow at the rear end of the body, reducing the resistance of the airflow and preventing the rear wheels from lifting.